The 5 Most Badass Brunettes of the 1960s

A humble nod to my five favorite dusky-haired darlings of the 1960s, with a comprehensive list of their many skills, weapons and gadgets. Please contact me if I’ve missed anything!


5 Agent 99 (Get Smart, 1965-70)


Barbara Feldon



Fluent in Chinese, German, and French; an accomplished dancer, singer, violinist and harp player; once won three consecutive Lamton Cranston awards for ‘shadowing.’


Weapons and Gadgets

A wide variety of spy telephones including a shoe phone, a hairdryer phone, a cologne phone and a nail phone; a miniature gun charm; a miniature phonograph record charm; a violin gun; a powder compact telephone; a powder compact information device; a powder compact Geiger counter; earring decoder lenses; signal light earrings; a hat gas mask; a lipstick homing device; a lipstick remote control; a martini and olive two-way radio.



4 Catwoman (Batman, comics revival 1966, live-action television series and film, 1966-68, The Adventures of Batman, animated television series 1968-70)




Expert burglar; skilled gymnast; skilled hand-to-hand combatant.


Weapons and Gadgets

Catamizer gun (filled with acid), cataphrenia (drug which reverses moral standards), Catillac and Kitty Car, cat o’nine tails, cat’s whiskers (ropes which contract with body heat), eau de chat poisonous perfume, hair-raising bomb (ruins hairdos of nearby women), remote control cat radio, see in the dark glasses, sneeze bombs, sonic beam blast gun, voice eraser.



3 The Black Queen of Sogo (Barbarella, comics launched 1962, film 1968)


Anita Pallenberg



Queening and tyranting.


Weapons and Gadgets

Carnivorous parakeets, dream chamber, flying gondola, matmos, scissor-knives.



2 Modesty Blaise (Modesty Blaise, comics launched 1963, film 1966)


Monica Vitti



Superb marksman; martial arts expert, in particular yawarajutsu; multi-lingual; master of disguise.


Weapons and Gadgets

Blowgun, bow and arrow, épée, kongo (yawara stick), quarterstaff, sling, and a variety of firearms.



1 Emma Peel (The Avengers, 1965-68)


Diana Rigg



Accomplished scientist; expert marksman; formidable fencer; martial arts master, in particular karate and kung fu; master of disguise.


Weapons and Gadgets

Bow and arrow, foil, handgun, knife, Lotus Elan.


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