The 10 Most Badass Beauties of the 1960s

A humble nod to my favorite heroines (and anti-heroines) of the 1960s, with a comprehensive list of their many skills, weapons and gadgets. Please contact me if I’ve missed anything, as this is a work in progress.


10 Agent 99 (Get Smart, 1965-70)


Barbara Feldon



Accomplished dancer, singer, violinist and harp player; fluent in Chinese, German, and French; once won three consecutive Lamton Cranston awards for ‘shadowing.’


Weapons and Gadgets

Earring decoder lenses; a hat gas mask; a lipstick homing device; a lipstick remote control; a martini and olive two-way radio; a miniature gun charm; a miniature phonograph record charm; a powder compact information device; a powder compact Geiger counter; signal light earrings; a violin gun; a wide variety of spy telephones, including a cologne phone, a hairdryer phone, a nail phone, a powder compact phone and a shoe phone.



9 Honey West (Honey West, novels 1957-64, television series, 1965-66)



Anne Francis




Expert marksman; martial arts master, in particular judo; master of disguise.


Weapons and Gadgets

Exploding compact; garter-belt gas mask; handgun; radio lipstick; radio sunglasses; Shelby Cobra; tear-gas earrings.



8 Lieutenant Uhura (Star Trek: The Original Series, 1966-69)


uhura slap

Nichelle Nichols



Translation and communications officer, specializing in linguistics, cryptography and philology; capable bridge officer with the ability to man the helm and the navigation and science stations on the bridge; talented chanteuse.


Weapons and Gadgets

Communicator; dagger; electronic clipboard; phaser.



7 Barbarella (Barbarella, comics launched 1962, film 1968)




Excellent marksman; zero gravity training; a body that can withstand virtually anything, including Dr. Durand Durand’s excessive machine.


Weapons and Gadgets

Alpha 7 spacecraft; mini missile projector; tongue box; a variety of ray guns and other antiquated weapons borrowed from The Museum of Conflict.



6 Varla (Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, 1965)



Tura Satana



Go-go dancing and kicking ass.


Weapons and Gadgets

Hand-knife; Porsche 356.



5 Catwoman (Batman, comics revival 1966, live-action television series and film, 1966-68, The Adventures of Batman, animated television series 1968-70)




Expert burglar; skilled gymnast; skilled hand-to-hand combatant.


Weapons and Gadgets

Catamizer gun (filled with acid); cataphrenia (drug which reverses moral standards); Catillac and Kitty Car; cat o’nine tails; cat’s whiskers (ropes which contract with body heat); eau de chat poisonous perfume; hair-raising bomb (ruins hairdos of nearby women); remote control cat radio; see in the dark glasses; sneeze bombs; sonic beam blast gun; voice eraser.



4 The Black Queen of Sogo (Barbarella, comics launched 1962, film 1968)


Anita Pallenberg



Queening and tyranting.


Weapons and Gadgets

Carnivorous parakeets; dream chamber; flying gondola; matmos; scissor-knives.



3 Emma Peel (The Avengers, 1965-68)


Diana Rigg



Accomplished scientist; expert marksman; formidable fencer; martial arts master, in particular karate and kung fu; master of disguise.


Weapons and Gadgets

Bow and arrow; épée; handgun; knife; Lotus Elan; sword.



2 Cathy Gale (The Avengers, 1962-64)




Doctor of anthropology; expert marksman; martial arts master, in particular judo; philanthropist; polymath; skilled fencer; talented photographer; yogini.


Weapons and Gadgets

A MGA MK1 Roadster; a Triumph Speed 500ccm motorcycle; a variety of firearms.



1 Modesty Blaise (Modesty Blaise, comics launched 1963, film 1966)


Monica Vitti



Superb marksman; martial arts expert, in particular yawarajutsu; multi-lingual; master of disguise.


Weapons and Gadgets

Blowgun; bow and arrow; épée; kongo (yawara stick); quarterstaff; sling; a variety of firearms.

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